Keep yourself protected with the best martial art moves

When it comes to selecting something for ourselves, we don’t compromise with the quality of product then why are we so careless about self defense? For a woman, self defense can be the best partner in distress when you have no one to get help from.

Best Martial Arts For Women Self Defense

Thornton Martial arts and fitness center in Connecticut is the best choice, here women can learn fighting moves from certified instructors.

While you can help yourself with the many ways while in distress, there are some best martial arts techniques available as the great options. Here is a list of the some techniques that are considered to be the best martial arts for women self-defense on the street:

Wing Chun Kung Fu: Ever since the martial arts came into existence, Wing Chun Kung Fu has been on the top of the best martial arts for women self-defense. This is probably the most popular Kung Fu style that exists, thanks to Bruce Lee. Similar to the karate, Wing Chun Kung Fu also focuses on the lighting fast strikes on the vulnerable parts of the opponent’s body. The legends believe it to be a great self-defense style for women.

Kickboxing: This is another great way to knock down your opponents on the street and the championships as well. Kickboxing develops both kicking and punching ability and teaches you how to take a punch.

Japanese Ju-Jitsu: Best be described as the mixed martial art, Japanese Ju-Jitsu was developed by the samurai warriors and considered to be the best martial arts for women self-defense. This style of combat has a much wider arsenal that makes it the special one.

KravMaga: Developed by the Israeli army, KravMaga incorporates a wide variety of fighting techniques. This includes striking to grappling and wrestling as well. As KravMaga was meant for the battlefield, this includes some lethal moves. So, make sure not to use, unless it’s a matter of life and death.

Thontron martial arts and fitness center in Hartford CT is aimed at empowering women by teaching the best martial art techniques to strengthen their body and mind as well. Also, we are committed to bring quality training to the beginner athletes and professionals, and this is what sets us apart.

Please approach us today for more information.

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